5 Benefits of Gas Furnace Maintenance

A very common fixture in many homes in the United States, and around the world, is the gas furnace that is used to heat the interior of building. Anyone familiar with dwelling maintenance and have dealt with the matter personally will know that regular maintenance of any appliance is key in ensuring that the unit … Read more

The Advantages of Signing Up for an HVAC Service Plan

A lot of individual’s question whether or not its beneficial to sign up for a HVAC service plan, although these plans can be pricey the benefits do out way the costs. Let’s say your system decides to not work one day and its 98 degrees outside, you don’t have that much money left after paying … Read more

Benefits of a 2 Stage Gas Furnaces

So let’s first begin by defining what a two-stage furnace is. When you see the term “stage”, what they are really referring to is the burner mechanism within your furnace. More specifically, the reference is to the valve that controls the flow of fuel to the burner itself. On old fashioned, one-stage furnaces, this value … Read more

Professional Colorado Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner not Cooling

Spring has officially sprung, and with it comes the blooming of flowers, the greening of grass, and of course, firing up your AC as the temperature starts to climb. After a long cold winter sitting idle, HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) may need a bit of a tune up or overhaul to get … Read more

Easy Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Want to lower your energy bills? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Whether you are motivated by money or by the environment, you probably want to use less energy than you do now. The question then becomes — how? First, sometimes we are using energy for absolutely no reason. A plugged up charger connected to … Read more

How to Perform Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now that spring is officially here its time for all the other joys that come with a new season – including spring cleaning and home maintenance. Among these the proper functioning of the HVAC system is crucial, you don’t want to hit those hot summer days without a working air conditioner. Air conditioning maintenance can … Read more

How to Install a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Easy Energy Saving Tips

To install a window air conditioning unit one must first have the proper tools and prepare the unit for installation. Commonly this means a screwdriver, basic pliers and duct tape (optional). Remove the unit from the supplier’s box and remove any packing materials. Remove the front with the filter from the unit and make sure … Read more

Why is My Air Conditioner is Not Cooling?

Air Conditioner not Cooling

If your air conditioner does not cool properly, there are four basic troubleshooting steps you can easily perform for yourself. First, check the thermostat settings, just to be sure it wasn’t accidentally switched to heat instead of A/C. While you’re looking, check the fan settings, too. When the fan is set to the “On” position, … Read more