How to Perform Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

How to Perform Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now that spring is officially here its time for all the other joys that come with a new season – including spring cleaning and home maintenance. Among these the proper functioning of the HVAC system is crucial, you don’t want to hit those hot summer days without a working air conditioner. Air conditioning maintenance can be performed at the start and end of every warm season to insure that the system is fully functioning and running at 100% efficiency. The air conditioning and heating system can be one of the most costly components of a home, and staying up to date on maintenance can avoid problems and expensive repairs.

Basic air condition maintenance can be easily performed by a homeowner, but If you find yourself uncomfortable or unfamiliar with a task or part our trained HVAC professionals can come and make short work of it. Be sure to apply basic common sense principles when working on the HVAC system.

  • Make sure the power to the unit is off and that it cannot become re-energized.
  • Remove the cover and clean the unit, making sure to remove all debris and foreign objects that may impede operation.
  • Clean and straiten the fins to make sure the unit can operate at maximum cooling power.
  • Check moving parts for tears, cracks, and play, lube and grease fittings as necessary.
  • Double check that the AC unit is sitting on a level pad and that the area around the unit is clean.
  • Make sure the lines are clear and are not bent or pinched.
  • If the system needs more refrigerant or a recharge this is best left to our HVAC professionals who will come in and inject new coolant into the system.
  • Change out the pads and filters in the HVAC system,
  • Double check motors for correct and quiet operation
  • Turn the system back on for a test run.

Although it seems extensive performing these basic procedures only needs to happen twice a year, in the spring when first running the HVAC and in the fall when shutting down the AC for the winter. Taking just an hour or two twice a year can make for trouble free heating and air conditioning all summer and winter long. 

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