Why get a whole house humidifier? The better question is, why not! These units are extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways. Not having dry air will greatly improve your day to day living and quality of life. Improved health, lower costs, increased longevity of your house, and more! Keep reading to take a closer look at five of the many benefits that come with maintaining proper moisture and climate by installing a whole house humidifier in your home.

Many Health Benefits

First, consider the health befits of a humidifier. Controlling the moisture in the air is able to keep away harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold that often make people sick. Have allergies, or asthma? Maintaining proper humidity levels in a home has been shown to greatly improve these symptoms by helping keep airways open and allergens down out of the air. Secondly, controlled humidity will keep skin and airways moist. This means better skin complexion, better breathing, and less stuffy sinus! A third health benefit that stems from moisturized airways is better sleep. Less dry air means less waking up feeling stuffy or congested and an overall better sleep. Health benefits from a humidifier are in almost every aspect of life at home!

Save Money

Aside from health, the fourth benefit is that a whole house humidifier will help save you money compared to portable humidifiers. Many whole house humidifiers are designed to hook right into the house’s tap water supply, providing the filtration for the water right in the device, rather than requiring expensive premium-quality filtered water. Maintaining proper humidity in the house can also lower heating costs. Since moisture in the air acts as insulation, the surrounding area will warm up faster. Rather than having a dry, barren, desert-like winter inside your house, a whole house humidifier will turn your house into a balmy, comfortable living space.

Maintain the Condition of Your Home

For the fifth benefit, they’ll help maintain the condition of your home. Dry wood, paint, wallpaper, and more can become damaged and cracked if kept in very dry environments. A whole house humidifier will keep every room in the house at just the right climate to increase the longevity of furnishings, flooring, and walls. While there are many more benefits of installing a whole house humidifier, hopefully these five benefits of better health, better skin better sleep, reduced costs, and increased house and furniture longevity has given you a good insight as to what whole house humidifier can provide.

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