ECM Blower motors offer a number of benefits for your home.  Efficiency rates for ECM motors are between 65-75% while standard PSC Motors are only between 35-45% efficient.

However there are several more reasons why this motor appeals to a consumer is that unlike the other on/off PSC motor this one offers variable speeds giving zero to a 100% outputs. Also signals from the controller be programmed to adjust and advance speed. The EMC allows for a simple turn on without the effect of being full blast and works to no longer abruptly shut of but to transition to what they call a soft stop. The motor is not prone to overheating which is a great quality and has the capacity to achieve tinny thousand hours or up to 10 years of life. Leaving a solid lower maintenance motor with less expectancy to need replacement.

This unit will negate temperature elevating and decreasing at a fast rate, making it more comfortable, while being more stable in keeping the rooms of the home heating and cooling. In using the ECM compared to the PSC blower the consumer will find that the ECM will lower output and runs at a longer cycle circulates the warm air throughout the room. More even circulation and control makes the whole room the temperature that was desired for comparability. Replacing the air filters is still essential to the air conditioner and furnace to allow flow through the ducts is still needed to be its most effective. Filtration and indoor quality of air is due to the ECM motor maintaining longer times of air circulation. During which particles are airborne and can cause health issues.

Replacement motors like the ECM can range in cost yet considering its life expectancy it is well worth the investment.  Considering all the factors low cost, energy efficiency, comfort, and life expectancy an ECM is a great upgrade for your home.