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There is nothing worse than coming home or waking up to a cold house. Sometimes it is an easy fix to get your furnace back up and running. But when it isn’t, give us a call. We are one of the top rated HVAC companies in Littleton, Colorado and are truly different in how we run our company. Once we come to your home, we will diagnose your furnace issue and give you a fair … Read More

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There are at least 5 benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance. One of the most important benefits is found under the subject of money. It is a certain fact that maintenance will enhance an air conditioner by improving the level of function, increasing the lifespan of the machine, and reducing the chance of possible breakdown. Also, the maintenance of an air conditioner will increase the health benefits of purified, fresh air by keeping the filtration system … Read More

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Throughout these red-hot summer months, being outside for too long during certain hours can take a major toll on one’s health. In many areas of the country it is often not the heat that presents the most issues, it is indeed the intense humidity that makes enjoying the outdoors nearly impossible. Combining that miserable hot and humid air with the prospect of doing any type of activity that involves being outside becomes quite a daunting … Read More

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There are many important and critical devices that make up a home. One of the most important devices in our homes is the heating and air conditioning, or HVAC system. This system provides cool to our houses in summer and warm air in the cooler months. However, maintaining this device can be critical to its long term use. Many forget that one of the easiest ways to help maintain the life of this important machine … Read More

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ECM Blower motors offer a number of benefits for your home.  Efficiency rates for ECM motors are between 65-75% while standard PSC Motors are only between 35-45% efficient.

However there are several more reasons why this motor appeals to a consumer is that unlike the other on/off PSC motor this one offers variable speeds giving zero to a 100% outputs. Also signals from the controller be programmed to adjust and advance speed. The EMC … Read More

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Features: • 24-hour programmable timer activates pump when you need it • Maintenance free • Pump mounts directly onto a water heater • 1/2″ thermal bypass valve • Extremely quiet – no vibrations • Cost 5¢ a day to operate

How does the Instant Hot Water Recirculating Pump Work? A pump with a built-in timer is installed on the hot water line from the water heater (Fig. 1). A patented sensor valve (Fig. 2) opens … Read More