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A SEER Rating is a type of rating used to identify the efficiency of an air conditioner or heating unit. SEER stands for: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating refers directly to how efficient the unit is. Efficiency in this case referring to energy efficiency. In addition, knowing a unit’s EER rating is useful when deciding on a unit for purchase. EER stands for Energy Efficiency rating, and is very similar if not the … Read More

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ROX Heating & Air, is proud to be an Xcel Energy Trade Partner. Our team of HVAC professionals have undergone intense training to become a member of the exclusive Xcel Energy Club. As a Xcel Energy Trade Partner, we are governed by an additional set of rules and regulations.

Trade partners are required to be NATE Certified and perform quality installations that are audited by Xcel Energy Engineers. Our company has successfully passed the rigorous … Read More

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Want to lower your energy bills? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Whether you are motivated by money or by the environment, you probably want to use less energy than you do now. The question then becomes — how?

First, sometimes we are using energy for absolutely no reason. A plugged up charger connected to a device that is already on full battery, for example, is continually emitting unneeded energy. That means that perhaps it … Read More

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By now it is well known that saving energy is good for the environment and your bank account, but what are the easiest ways to save energy? We have created an simple and easy to understand 10 Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners Infographic. The Energy Saving Tips are easy to implement and can have a great long term benefit.


We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our company. As … Read More

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Of course we can be accused of being biased, but we 100% believe we are the Best HVAC Company in Colorado. Our customer service can not be beat. We are completely focused on maintaining long term customer relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Not only are we committed to excellent customer service, we have the most competitive pricing in Colorado. No matter if you need service in your home or at your business, we … Read More

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Living in Littleton, Colorado during the Winter requires a high quality, reliable furnace. If your furnace is over 15 years old, you should be considering the cost of replacing your furnace. Our furnace installation rates are lower than every highly rated company in Colorado, but now we are offering $500.00 Off 2 Stage Variable Speed Furnace Installation. Upgrading to a 2 stage Variable Speed ECM furnace is a major improvement to your home. A two … Read More