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Basic Tips to Maintain Your Furnace

Here at Rox Heating & Air, we are totally here for your everyday furnace and HVAC needs. We repair, we educate, and we take very seriously our position in helping you live your best life with the furnace in your home. We do live in a part of the country that DOES get into or below freezing levels many parts of the year. It is vital for your safety … Read More

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Hi everyone! Let’s talk about some basic things you need to learn about your furnace, especially when it is cold outside. 


What exactly is a furnace? It is a central air system that heats the air in one area and evenly distributes the warmed air throughout other parts of the home via air ducts and airways. Your furnace may run on electricity, natural gas, heating oil, or propane. The main part of your furnace … Read More

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Do you get your furnace serviced every year? You should definitely consider it as there is nothing more comforting for you and your family to have a warm and properly heated home when it is cold outside. Just like a well oiled car, most problems that may occur with your furnace do not surface immediately and often come in small issues here and there, until the problem is right in your face and needs immediate … Read More

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Emergency Furnace Repair Highlands Ranch

It’s that time of year again…You know, when it’s idyllicly cold out and for many of us used to living in Littleton, CO — If we’re not out running errands, taking the kids to school, or going to and from work, we definitely would prefer to spend our day INDOORS! Who wants to get out of the cold and come indoors to a home with NO HEAT? Even people who love cold weather would not … Read More

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Why should you hire a professional and experienced technician to install your furnace? There are many reasons why you should hire a professional vs. attempting “Do it Yourself” projects. The main reason to hire a professional HVAC technician is for your safety and also the safety of those that live in the same home that your furnace will be operating. 

Do You Know Everything it Takes to Successfully Install a Furnace?

Here are a few … Read More