Navien NCB-240E Condensing Gas Combination Boiler (NCB)


Super condensing efficiency Dual stainless steel heat exchangers SCH40, 2″ PVC venting up to 60′ ½” Gas pipe up to 24′ Automatic water filling system integrated controls

Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Navien’s Condensing Technology offers the high efficiency. Money and energy savings over tank type water heaters and traditional water heaters.

Two Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Provides longer life expectancy as they … Read More

Benefits of 2 Stage Split System Air Conditioning Systems

Throughout these red-hot summer months, being outside for too long during certain hours can take a major toll on one’s health. In many areas of the country it is often not the heat that presents the most issues, it is indeed the intense humidity that makes enjoying the outdoors nearly impossible. Combining that miserable hot and humid air with the prospect of doing any type of activity that involves being outside becomes quite a daunting … Read More

Benefits of Variable Speed ECM Furnace Blower Fan Motor

ECM Blower motors offer a number of benefits for your home.  Efficiency rates for ECM motors are between 65-75% while standard PSC Motors are only between 35-45% efficient.

However there are several more reasons why this motor appeals to a consumer is that unlike the other on/off PSC motor this one offers variable speeds giving zero to a 100% outputs. Also signals from the controller be programmed to adjust and advance speed. The EMC … Read More

Reason Why High Efficiency HVAC Systems are a Better Choice

Thinking of getting a new HVAC system? Now is the time to think about replacing the old unit with a new, high efficiency HVAC System. There are many good reasons to choose such a unit. The air conditioning and heating units in your home use about half of the normal energy usage in an average household in any given month. That means that if you are not using a high efficiency unit, you are more … Read More