Basic Tips to Maintain Your Furnace

Here at Rox Heating & Air, we are totally here for your everyday furnace and HVAC needs. We repair, we educate, and we take very seriously our position in helping you live your best life with the furnace in your home. We do live in a part of the country that DOES get into or below freezing levels many parts of the year. It is vital for your safety and health to have a properly heated home whenever you need it. We wanted to share with you some of the tips that you can always keep handy to well maintain your furnace even when we are not there to do it for you. 

Change Your Air Filters

Why do this? Because it helps the efficiency of the furnace and will help lower your monthly bill and help keep the furnace working smoothly.

Clean Vents

Simply wiping down and brushing off dust/debris where all of the vents are in your home will also keep your furnace working efficiently. Remember, the less work you put your furnace through, the better and longer it has a chance of running properly.

Be Aware of Odd Noises and Smells in Your Air

If your running air ever smells like rotten eggs or there are banging and scraping noises, it is definitely recommended to call a technician and get that checked out. The “better safe than sorry” term rings true here.

Check Pilot Lights

Once ignited, your pilot light should always be blue. If it is yellow or any other color, there are things wrong with the operation of your furnace. There could be an overproduction of carbon monoxide and this is a gas that you generally cannot tell you are breathing in — A very dangerous situation. Check the pilot light regularly and report to a technician if you think there are problems.

Get Your Annual Inspections!

Like many other things in our lives (dental health, wellness checkups, car maintenance), your furnace is another one of those items that absolutely need regular, annual checks. Take care of this annually and on schedule so that you can save yourself stresses of much larger problems down the road that could cost you more than all of your inspections, combined — Not to mention issues that could adversely affect you and your family’s safety!


If you have any questions for us here at, Rox Heating & Air (720) 468-0689, we are eagerly awaiting your call to help you figure out the best way to go about any of your furnace issues. Please also remember that getting on it when it comes to regularly servicing your furnace is the best way to avoid having to call us at all!