It’s that time of year again…You know, when it’s idyllicly cold out and for many of us used to living in Littleton, CO — If we’re not out running errands, taking the kids to school, or going to and from work, we definitely would prefer to spend our day INDOORS! Who wants to get out of the cold and come indoors to a home with NO HEAT? Even people who love cold weather would not want this for the comfort of their home at the least. 

Test Your Furnace Before It Gets Too Cold Out

As a resident of Littleton, we understand the harshness of weather that we call Fall and Winter. Mother nature is simply who she is and we are so grateful for her. As humans, we do need to adapt to our environment and protect ourselves when there are weather changes that can adversely affect us. What is one of the most common ways to do this? Properly heating and cooling your home! Some of you reading may be wondering, “I’m not from Colorado and personally only used the furnace a week out of the entire year. I’ll be fine without regularly servicing my furnace here too!” It is extremely important to test your furnace BEFORE winter or cold weather is present. This allows you to see if there are any issues that need to be tended to before you immediately need to turn on the furnace for long periods of time.

What to do if Your Furnace is Broken

If you can’t immediately call OR text one of us here at Rox Heating & Air out to you when your furnace breaks, here are some simple tips to help you bear through the cold until we can get to you:

  • Use alternate heating: Start up your fireplace if you have one, turn on space heaters, or arrange to stay elsewhere from your home until your furnace gets fixed.
  • Leave the house immediately if you smell natural gas. The smell is similar to that of a rotten boiled egg.
  • Call a professional technician to check your thermostat and other important factors for a well running furnace if you suspect that your heat is not running properly through your home.


If you have any questions for us here at, Rox Heating & Air (720) 468-0689, we are eagerly awaiting your call to help you figure out the best way to go about any of your furnace issues. Please also remember that getting on it when it comes to regularly servicing your furnace is the best way to avoid having to call us at all!