Jason Stenseth – Owner ROX Heating & Air

Jason Stenseth – Owner of ROX Heating & Air

Who is ROX Heating & Air?

Jason StensethHello, I’m Jason Stenseth and Owner of ROX Heating & Air, I  have been in the HVAC business my whole life, working for my Father’s HVAC company. Starting when I was 14 years old, every summer and winter break I would be in the field with my father learning the trade. While other kids were home playing video games, I was installing new HVAC systems for customers or learning from my father how to troubleshoot and repair failed systems. As a result, I have become an expert in HVAC design, sizing, installation and service. My main competencies include High Efficiency System Design/Installation and High GPM Tankless Water Heater Sizing and Installation. I am also competent in all other HVAC applications, including residential and commercial buildings. I have experience working on all types of HVAC systems, from small 1 ton air conditioners in one bedroom condos to 15 ton rooftops on large commercial buildings.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and have completed extensive technical training through Xcel Energy and Johnstone University. I am NATE Certified in both Gas Heating Installation/Service and Air Conditioning Installation and Service. I also hold EPA Type I and II certifications. I pride myself on my technical expertise in the field, which proves to be very beneficial to my customers. In addition to over 15 years of experience and technical education, I am the author of 6 best selling HVAC troubleshooting books. My books have been used by people all over the country and internationally to learn about and troubleshoot their home heating systems. I currently have one HVAC Study Manual for technicians on the market and am in the process of writing a series of more books.

I am a proud Colorado native who grew in Littleton, Colorado. It is in Littleton where I met my wife, Lindsey, in middle school and began dating Senior year of high school. The rest is history and we are fortunate to have a daughter and son. We live a very family-oriented life and when not working, we are busy with our children’s activities. Unlike many other companies, I am truly a local and dedicated professional that wants to earn your business through trust, satisfaction, and friendly service.

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