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The ROX 3 FOR FREE Deal is the best HVAC Deal in Colorado. No other company can match the ROX 3 FOR FREE DEAL. Our buying power and relationship with our supply house has allowed us to offer the best deal in town.

What is the ROX 3 FOR FREE Deal?

It is very simple, buy a 15 SEER or higher Air Conditioner Installation and get a FREE FURNACE, FREE HUMIDIFIER, AND FREE WIFI THERMOSTAT!

No gimmicks, no lies.  If you hire us to install a 15 SEER Air Conditioning System at list price, we will give you a free furnace, humidifier and WiFi Thermostat.

Why do you offer the ROX 3 FOR FREE?


We offer the deal for a number of reasons:

  1. First, we have worked out a great purchasing agreement with our supply house on packaged HVAC systems and we want to pass on the savings.
  2. Another reason is because we know a new furnace always makes a new air conditioner work better.  There would be no point in installing a brand new car on 20 year old tires.  The same is true for an HVAC system.  An old inefficient furnace from 20 years ago lacks most of the modern features to improve airflow and the operation of an Air Conditioning System.  By adding a new Furnace to a New A/C installation, we are ensuring the best operation for our customers and less warranty issues.
  3. Adding a whole house Aprilaire Humidifier to any HVAC system improves the comfort of the home and provides better indoor air quality.  By introducing humidity into the home has many benefits; improve dry skin, eliminate irritated eyes, reduce dryness in the throat or airways, alleviate allergies, reduce frequent coughs, reduce bloody noses, decrease sinus headaches, improve cracked lips and many more benefits.  By solving this problem our customers are happier and more comfortable.
  4. WiFi Thermostats are here to stay and it is the best way to be in control of your new High Efficiency HVAC System.  We believe it ads value to the new HVAC System and improves the overall comfort of the home.  WiFi Thermostats allow homeowners to operate their furnace and air conditioner from the convenience of their phone.  It allows for quick setup and easy schedule creation, allowing homeowners to be in full control.  It also helps improve the safety of your home, if you are out of town and the temperature drops to a dangerously low level in the home, the WiFi thermostat will send you an alert immediately.
  5. Because everyone should have a FREE FURNACE, FREE HUMIDIFIER, and FREE WIFI THERMOSTAT!

What are you waiting for?

Schedule A Free Estimate

Are you in the market for a New HVAC System, Furnace Installation, Air Conditioner Installation, or Water heater Installation?  We provide free estimates on new installations and would be happy to help you.  Call Or Text us at 720-468-0689



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