Hi everyone! Let’s talk about some basic things you need to learn about your furnace, especially when it is cold outside. 


  1. What exactly is a furnace? It is a central air system that heats the air in one area and evenly distributes the warmed air throughout other parts of the home via air ducts and airways.
  2. Your furnace may run on electricity, natural gas, heating oil, or propane.
  3. The main part of your furnace are: control system (thermostat and electrical controls), gas valve, burners, blower, duct valves, and a heat exchanger.
  4. The thermostat and gas valve: your furnace turns on when it gets a signal from the thermostat to turn on. Then the gas valve opens and ignites the burner component. The gas valve and thermostat work as a team to regulate the amount of gas flow. It is time to call professional if your pilot light is not ON when you turn on the heat. 
  5. What happens next? After ignition, the flames heat a metal exchanger and then the heat flows through looped tubes, then transferring the heat into the air. This heat exchanger is a vital component to have heat properly flow through your home. If it is cracked or has a leak, call a professional.
  6. What are the main basic reasons why my heat won’t work/turn on? There are problems with your thermostat, heat exchanger, or the blower — If you do not know how to repair these things safely, on your own…A professional HVAC technician should be able to assess and then fix each issue you may be having.
  7. How do I stay on top of making sure my furnace stays working? An annual service is a MUST to give yourself best chances of maintaining the life of your furnace. If you have a brand new furnace with a warranty, your warranty may be voided by the manufacturer if you have been neglectful of annual servicing. ASK your technician when they come to repair or maintain your furnace, ways you can easily help the life of your furnace as well!


If you have any questions for us here at, Rox Heating & Air (720) 468-0689, we are eagerly awaiting your call to help you figure out the best way to go about any of your furnace issues. Please also remember that getting on it when it comes to regularly servicing your furnace is the best way to avoid having to call us at all!