A SEER Rating is a type of rating used to identify the efficiency of an air conditioner or heating unit. SEER stands for: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating refers directly to how efficient the unit is. Efficiency in this case referring to energy efficiency. In addition, knowing a unit’s EER rating is useful when deciding on a unit for purchase. EER stands for Energy Efficiency rating, and is very similar if not the same as the SEER rating. These ratings can be helpful when choosing a product, especially if you are looking for a unit that is going to be more energy efficient for your home.

When searching for an air conditioner or any sort of cooling or heating unit in your home, it is important to observe the SEER rating for each unit. For example, a unit with a low SEER rating will use up more energy in your home. While a unit with a higher SEER rating will use much less energy when compared to other objects. Considering how often we do use these units in our homes, a more energy efficient unit will lead to a lower electric bill, as well as being able to feel good about doing something with the environment in mind.


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It goes without saying that installing a more energy efficient cooling or heating system in your home will be beneficial for all of those around you. With a more efficient system, your home will take less power to be heated or cooled, and this process will also take less time. If you choose to install a more efficient system in your home, you may also be compensated, depending on the utility company you are with. These specific companies are more than willing to pay in return for the installation of more efficient systems, so do take the time to research companies and installation options available in your area.

Opting for more energy efficient heating and cooling options can not only be beneficial for our environment, but also for your wallet. This is why it is very important to pay close attention to SEER rating of your system, as well as to ask about the energy efficiency rating of a system you may plan on purchasing. It is wise to opt for a system with a higher rating, as observing and researching this rating will keep you educated of what you are installing in your home, and but also make your home life easier.